The Monoprix group becomes an official partner of Paris FC

The Monoprix Group has signed a three-year partnership with Paris FC, building on its exceptional presence in the capital and its history with the city.

The President Pierre Ferracci and the President of the Monoprix Group, Jean-Paul Mochet.

This sports sponsorship initiative, in which the group is involved for the first time in its history, is based on a desire to promote shared values. Monoprix and Paris FC have stated their ambition to work together on a number of initiatives to promote gender equality, diversity and healthy eating.

Jean-Paul Mochet, President of the Monoprix group, said: “Although our brand is present in 250 cities in France, our links with the capital are unique. The values of Paris FC are fully shared and we are, each in our own way, two players who contribute to the cohesion and vitality of a region. Furthermore, the initiatives we are leading in favour of inclusion, parity and equal opportunities will take on a new dimension in the light of this partnership adventure, in which we wish to involve our employees and customers.
On this occasion, Pierre Ferracci, President of Paris FC, said: “We are very proud to sign a partnership with Monoprix, which has made proximity its raison d’être. Monoprix is a major French brand, innovative and dynamic, which accompanies the daily life of urbanites. Monoprix and Paris FC share common values. Paris FC is delighted to have Monoprix as one of its new partners, which reflects the attractiveness of the club, at the heart of a sporting, educational and social project.

Fun, commitment, team spirit and solidarity are strong football values shared by Monoprix employees. Committed to a proactive policy of promoting diversity, Monoprix works on a daily basis to promote equal opportunities, the professional integration of young people and gender diversity within its teams. This is also the case with Paris FC, reinforcing the company’s desire to be associated with it for the next three years.
Both players also promote physical activity and healthy eating. Since its creation, Monoprix has been innovating in favour of healthy and responsible consumption and, more recently, in the field of daily health. It is in this perspective that Monoprix wishes to make its contribution to the world of sport by becoming a partner of Paris FC.

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