Groupe ADP – Paris FC Training Center

Never has the word “collective” had so much meaning as at the Groupe ADP – Paris FC Training Center. By bringing together the club’s first teams (L2 + D1), the training center and all the administrative staff on the same site, Paris FC has created a unique work environment that is conducive to the success of the club’s projects. With new infrastructures, in line with the club’s ambitions, Paris FC is entering a new era.

Naming by Groupe ADP

In March 2019, Groupe ADP and Paris FC signed a partnership to support the development of the Parisian club, particularly through its infrastructure.

The training center, a true performance hub that brings together the professional men’s team, the women’s first team, the training center and the administrative center, will give new impetus to the Parisian club.

The training center, located in the Orly area, is now called Groupe ADP – Centre d’entraînement Paris FC.

Groupe ADP

Key dates

July 2018 : Commencement of construction
August 2018 : Arrival of the first women’s team and the Academy teams
November 2018 : Arrival of the professionnel men’s team
March 2019 : Arrival of the administrative employees
May 7, 2019 : Inauguration of the center

Key figures

8 hectares of total surface

1 hybriel field of 17,500 m²

3 natural grass fields

1 synthetic fiel

An innovative building

Very committed to promoting women’s soccer and gender parity, Paris FC has built a mixed building dedicated to the men’s professional team and the women’s first team.

The two teams share 1,100 square meters of floor space, including locker rooms, showers, offices, relaxation rooms, a medical area, meeting rooms, a laundry room and a press room. Looking to the future, Paris FC has created this innovative building and is a forerunner in the world of soccer.

A pitch in the name of Mamadou Sahko

Born in Paris, Mamadou Sakho grew up in the east of Paris. At the age of eight, the defender started playing soccer with Paris FC. At the Déjerine stadium in the Porte de Montreuil (20th district), Mamadou discovered soccer and practiced his scales.
Very attached to Paris FC, Mamadou has never forgotten his first club. We remember in particular his invitation of the U11 of Paris FC to Liverpool as well as his coming with Steven Gerrard to the Déjerine stadium in 2015.
Since May 7, 2019, Mamadou Sakho gives his name to a field of the training center of Paris FC. This tribute aims to thank Mamadou for all he has done for his childhood club, and inspire the young Parisians of the training center who surely dream of imitating the career of the French international.

“It is a great honor for me to inaugurate a pitch in my name, here, the land of my beginnings, at the Paris FC training center. It’s at Paris FC that I learned the basics of soccer and I remain very attached to it. All the educators that I had here have marked me. It was also a source of pride to walk around Paris with this track suit and this club has always been renowned throughout the city.
I think it’s great to see the evolution of Paris FC, but I’m not surprised when you know the very ambitious people who run the club. It’s great for the youth of Paris and these kids who can emerge in ideal conditions.”

Mamadou SAKHO