A new Franco-American investor in the capital of Paris FC.

Sport Bridges Venture, a consortium of French and American investors, has joined Paris FC.

Paris FC is pleased to welcome Sport Bridges Venture as a minority shareholder. Pierre Ferracci remains the majority shareholder of the club.

Sport Bridges Venture (SBV) becomes the fourth foreign investor in Paris FC, after the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2020, BRI Sports Holding in 2021 and Noah Football Group at the beginning of the year.

SBV is a Franco-American structure dedicated to investment and innovation in sport and Positive Engagement with Impact. In close collaboration with all of Paris FC’s existing partners, SBV is an innovative, recognised and sustainable football brand. Leaders of this structure are : David Gandler (FuboTV and Molotov), Rai (World Football Champion, Gol de Letra), Pascal Rigo (BIG ensemble), Soogi and Matt Hong (The Washington Spirit/US NWomenSL Champion, Turner/Warner), Jeff Mirman (Turner/Warner), Thierry Cotillard (Intermarché, Collège Citoyen de France), Ludovic Brun (Arval), Santiago Cuchy (CEO Dockers).

Our ambition is to continue to build a sustainable, ambitious, competitive and innovative club around the societal values that unite us and that we hold dear. The quality and humanism of the staff and management, the infrastructure and the results of the men’s and women’s sections and the training centre have won us over. Thus, with the other international players of the club, we wish to support Paris FC to continue to build sporting, educational and business bridges between regions, municipalities, universities, responsible companies and the rest of the world“, indicated Pascal Rigo, future administrator of the club.

“We are honored and excited to become part of Paris FC. We believe our long-term view and expertise with media and technology will benefit the club, its fans and its sponsors. We look forward to providing to Pierre and his team, our unwavering support as the club looks to its next phase of growth in one of the world’s most stimulating cities!” stated David Gandler.

By investing in a capital increase to strengthen the club’s equity, Sport Bridges Venture is supporting the club’s development and its international ambition.

“I am very pleased to welcome Sport Bridges Venture to the Club. There is no doubt that this will help Paris FC to achieve its ambitious goals, and it is also a new opportunity to promote our training know-how internationally. Paris FC continues to surround itself with innovative and strategic entrepreneurs, in order to help us build a high quality club in Paris that is different, while maintaining our culture. We are very proud to continue this adventure together with our supporters and partners,” said Pierre Ferracci, President of Paris FC.

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