"Enthusiastic and determined"
The President Pierre Ferracci spoke to parisfc.fr after the draw for the 8th finals of the French Cup.

Pierre Ferracci : “Enthusiastic and determined”

The President Pierre Ferracci spoke to parisfc.fr after the draw for the 8th finals of the French Cup.

President, what do you think of this draw for the 8th final of the French Cup?

“I am in Manama, Bahrain, with Rai and Fabrice Herrault, to consolidate our partnership. We followed the draw live with our partners and I must say that they were very excited as the draw progressed. Against Annecy, an opponent who has just beaten us in the league and who is doing very well for a promoted team, our Bahraini partners would of course like to see us reach the quarter finals. Even if the league remains our priority and if we hope for a good comeback in the second half to get a second place coveted by a dozen clubs, the French Cup, when we’re lucky enough to reach this level of the competition, inevitably arouses enthusiasm among the supporters and partners, among the players, the staff and the managers of course. I am delighted that we’re offering our public at Charléty this confrontation which could, and I mean could, take us to the quarter-finals like 40 years ago when Paris FC were knocked out by FC Nantes”.

Aren’t you afraid that the stakes of the Cup will disturb the players in this very difficult championship?

“No, I trust the players and the staff to keep their feet on the ground in the league, starting by seriously preparing our games against QRM and Pau, and to meet the expectations of all those who are with us and will be present at this Coupe de France. We have a good squad which must be able to distribute its strengths in the best possible way to achieve the objectives of these two competitions.
And then, in a developing club like Paris FC, we know what the French Cup brings when you pass lot of rounds like we did. The enthusiasm is always there. When Cosne-sur-Loire and Chamalières try to get Paris FC, there is no reason why we shouldn’t think of doing the same with clubs that are hierarchically superior. But before that, there is Annecy who will come to Charléty with a lot of appetite and who we will have to take very seriously. I hope that the public will be numerous. And I am also convinced that passing another round in the French Cup will give us the strength we need to succeed in the second half of the championship”.

So, are you optimistic ?

“Enthusiastic and determined. Like the players and the staff. The rest will follow…”